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Savoy Hotel Mactan GM shares best advice from late father

Savoy Hotel Mactan GM shares best advice from late father Posted on April 23, 2021Leave a comment

Sinjin is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Formerly the president of Cebu's premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society, he is Sun Prepaid's "Glorious Lifestyle Baron" and Cebu Pacific's "Singapore Party Peep"

Josef Chiongbian, newly appointed General Manager of Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown, shares leadership advice from his late father, Victoriano “Nonoy” Chiongbian.

“It’s not where you start that matters but where you choose to finish.” he recalls. Those are among the numerous words of wisdom that his father the late Victoriano Chiongbian constantly uttered to him during those precious father-son moments he often enjoyed.

Mr. Victoriano “Nonoy” Chiongbian was born on April 16, 1948 and rejoined The Creator on February 27, 2021

The patriarch, was a well-respected and celebrated business tycoon known to have grown and strengthened the culture of cockfighting through the biggest cockfighting arena in Cebu, the Century Game Club that was opened in the 60’s by his late father, Alexander Chiongbian Sr., and which he fully took charge of in 1991. From his experience there, he finally opened his own Grand Tejero Arena in 2010 that continues to run to this very day. He is also known for his influence on numerous civic groups which includes various Homeowners Associations, The Lions Club International where he became the district governor in 1999 to 2000, and Toastmasters International, to name a few. Though despite the many hats he confidently wears, it is undeniable that to his own family he will forever be daddy.

Mr. Nonoy Chiongbian with his beloved family. (L-R Back) Duane, Pria, Nonoy, Josef, Ronald (L-R Front) Xavi, Celine, Tasha, Aria, Beth, Kristoff, Kloodie, & Quinito

GM Josef, known to many as “Jot”, shares one particular encounter with his Dad way back on his first month as a first-time GM.

“He asked me to join him for breakfast one day and gave me a very simple yet important advice; to always have a heart and to treat everyone fairly regardless of their rank.” 

If there’s anything his Dad was known for it would be “his fairness.” He further shares, “our personal family business always had the tag line – Honesty and fair play… we will make no exceptions, and dad surely enforced fairness.” Though true to many that it is easy to praise and reward peers, it is difficult to reprimand them when needed. “But not my Dad” he added.

The hotelier adds, “Dad continuously mustered up the courage to respectfully reprimand peers, mentors, those considered as VIPs when circumstances calls him to do so.” With no regard for the stature, each one, personnel and guest alike, received what was due. With this, Nonoy’s beloved cockpit arena is now a premier arena in the Visayas known not only for its outstanding facility, but for its well managed and reputable operations. 

Despite GM Jot’s extensive experience in the hotel industry that he gained from joining international brands in the past, he admits that there’s still so much to learn every day. He remembers his dad saying, “Never be afraid to reach out and ask for help. It will not make you less of a leader.”   He recalls, “This for me is very unforgettable because that was the first time I had that long, deep and meaningful conversation with him.

With a sterling 14-year track record of leading teams across different departments including the front office, restaurants, sales and events under GM Josef’s belt, his dad would continuously remind him that making changes is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it takes courage, even strength to admit the need to change. As he adds, “There is no shame in changing course when we find ourselves stuck in a rut, we must have the courage to get out of there and go towards what makes it right for you.”

Marching forward as he faces a new and higher leadership role, the young GM identifies three levels of priorities that will bolster confidence in his people and the industry as a whole.

Inspire and Influence

He explains, “Our people in the team are the core of the business. We have to continue to strengthen them, build them, and they will keep the business upright and competitive even in the most trying times”

Entrust and Delegate

He says his realization, “We can’t do everything on our own. We have to learn how to distribute the task to keep everyone involved to keep things running.” Running a hotel is similar to a well-oiled machine where every bolt, spring and gear plays a crucial role that contributes to overall success.

Embody Values

Good behavior can influence and inspire. It is important for leaders to consistently model the values and correct when they see the opposite. Lastly, one has to keep his values present and visible.

Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown

There is much to celebrate for the excited general manager. “Being part of the largest homegrown hotel chain that now has 11 properties and with the most number of room keys nationwide, we can only grow more in confidence with Megaworld Hotels and its many flourishing brands.  One can’t help but to feel truly proud to be one with a property that offers excellent service with rooms, amenities and membership program that is world class.”

“Without a doubt, to have reached the GM position at a young age is quite daunting”, he shares. But as his dad always tells them “If there is something that you do that scares you, then it is something very important to you. So do it afraid, as long as you are passionate with what you are doing, just do it afraid because fear is the very thing that keeps us from the greatness that is waiting for us.”

Sinjin is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Formerly the president of Cebu's premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society, he is Sun Prepaid's "Glorious Lifestyle Baron" and Cebu Pacific's "Singapore Party Peep"

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