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Uniqlo launches 2021 Spring/Summer collection

Uniqlo launches 2021 Spring/Summer collection Posted on January 28, 2021Leave a comment

Sinjin is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Formerly the president of Cebu's premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society, he is Sun Prepaid's "Glorious Lifestyle Baron" and Cebu Pacific's "Singapore Party Peep"

When I first discovered Uniqlo in Hong Kong in 2010, I was very frustrated that their items are too loose for my slim body. Weight gain through the years has allowed me to fit in Uniqlo’s small size for men, and now, most of the items in my closet from tops to bottoms, and some accessories, are from Uniqlo!

Uniqlo is thrilled to launch their 2021 Spring/Summer collection that features comfortable and functional items, all aimed to empower people to move healthily and keep pace with the demands of modern living.

Hana Tajima

In a collaboration with New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajimi, the range expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity through elegant styling, comfort, attention to detail, and universal design. The line is versatile and for women of all ages. 

JW Anderson

UNIQLO and JW Anderson blends the inspired British classic styles of designer Jonathan Anderson with the UNIQLO commitment to creating clothing that offers outstanding quality, materials, and functionality. Spring/Summer 2021 marks the seventh season of the designer collaboration.

Jonathan Anderson reflected arts and crafts in this season’s items, which embody his exceptional creative proficiency. Shirts, dresses, and other pieces employ light linen, cotton, and other naturally textured fabrics in smoky hues for vintage touches.

Ines de la Fressange

Ines de la Fressange personifies Parisian chic and inspires women around the world. This latest collaboration line features wardrobe essentials embodying her belief in designing clothes that all women can wear with comfort to reveal their beauty. 

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection takes you to Deauville, a refined seaside resort in northwestern France to which Parisians flock in summer. Offerings this season take us back to the 1920s, when Deauville was flourishing. An elongated silhouette replaces oversizing in this collection, which features long, straight-lined skirts and dresses.

Jason Polan

UNIQLO will launch the Jason Polan UT collection on February 15, 2021. In January 2020, the New York artist passed away at the age of 37 and is mourned by many. UNIQLO began a special partnership with Polan in 2016, releasing three UT collections that shared his art with the world. This newest offering remembers his talented takes on everyday life. UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) offer an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world that allow the wearer to express their individuality.

Uniqlo U

Future LifeWear essentials, designed with the highest precision and in pursuit of a simplified, modern wardrobe.

Christophe Lemaire

Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire and his team in Paris reimagine everyday clothing using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection is the 10th collaboration between Christophe and UNIQLO, representing an evolution by pairing subtlety and comfort with the Uniqlo U signature neutral tones and classic looks. New this season is a refreshing contrast between black and white with clean, cosmopolitan styling. Setups with the same fabrics and denim-on-denim, and off-white layered styling keep wearers looking and feeling relaxed under the bright sunlight of this time of the year. Classic shirts and dresses employ elegantly lustrous, sheer fabrics for a more refined look. Debuting this season is a kid’s collection that retains the Uniqlo U ethos in perfected designs. 

Wireless Bra Shape Lift

The Wireless Bra Shape Lift is a new type of bra that raises the upper bust area to create attractive cleavage, while retaining a light and comfortable fit. Based on the company’s concept of LifeWear, UNIQLO will continue to support the natural beauty and unique lifestyles of all women in today’s society by making everyday life more luxuriant and comfortable. Items will be available for advance sale at the online store from February 8, and at all UNIQLO stores from February 15.

Transitional Wear

A growing shift towards online communication growth has changed lifestyles in myriad ways. In fashion, effortless style is now mainstream because the boundaries between home and places of work or study have been blurred, making comfort even more important. On top of that, a rising interest in splitting time between living in cities during weekdays and in the countryside on weekends and the slow living movement have focused more attention on flexible style and more functional beauty in line with more adaptable work practices.

Fresh Air & Fit

Clean air and water in your environment are essential for healthy lifestyles. People are spending more time outside cities to immerse themselves in nature. Walking or cycling are part of a healthy daily routine for many. We offer simple, easy-wear designs that keep people comfortable and feeling great while exercising and enjoying everyday life. 


Homes are transitioning from quarters for resting and living into places of comfort and healing. Spending more time at home has made many more interested in better managing that time and arranging everything for more fulfilling and enjoyable days. Pursuing workouts, cooking, and other interests and communicating through games and social media are just some of many ways to spend time usefully at home. Choosing room wear that is relaxing and neat as well as highly functional accessories also improves the quality of life at home and enables people to unwind there. Comfort is pivotal because the boundaries between what people do outside and inside their homes are becoming socially blurred. 

Sinjin is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Formerly the president of Cebu's premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society, he is Sun Prepaid's "Glorious Lifestyle Baron" and Cebu Pacific's "Singapore Party Peep"

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